DiCyano is a smart digital platform based on available and new water data for managing harmful cyanobacterial blooms using AI for early warning systems. DiCyano aims to create a digital platform to support the water industry's need for early identification of climate-related increases in the prevalence of harmful cyanobacteria.


Project title: A smart digital platform for managing Cyanotoxin risk in drinking water supply and beyond (DiCyano)
Funding organization: VINNOVA and FORMAS
Coordinator: Water Resources Engineering, Lund University
Total budget: 9 417 218 SEK
Granted from Vinnova: 6 655 830 SEK
Project period: November 2020 - December 2022
Participating partners: Lund University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala University, Norrvatten AB, Sydvatten AB, Växjö Municipality, Sweden Water Research, WIN Water, Gemit Solutions AB, Brockmann Geomatics Sweden AB
Reference group: LUWater, AI Lund, Kävlingeåns vattenråd